Amanda Serrano has shown her support for Jake Paul.


Amanda Serrano, a seven-time world champion boxer, has shown her support for Jake Paul after his recent loss to Tommy Fury. Despite the defeat, Serrano believes that it was still a huge night for the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

She praised Paul’s courage and determination to get in the ring with such an experienced boxer. Serrano also said that she was proud of him for taking on such a challenge and hopes that he will continue to strive towards success in the boxing world.

Jake Paul lost his first professional fight to former champion Tyson Fury. The fight was highly anticipated, with both fighters having undefeated records prior to the bout. Paul had been training for months in preparation for the fight and had even brought in renowned boxer Amanda Serrano to help him prepare.

Despite all of his hard work, he was unable to overcome the veteran fighter and suffered his first loss in a professional boxing match. This marks an important milestone for both fighters and will surely be remembered by boxing fans for years to come.

Congratulations to Amanda Serrano and Jake Paul for their success in the recent competition! Amanda Serrano won the competition, making her the first female fighter to win seven world titles across five weight divisions. Jake Paul, Amanda’s manager, has been instrumental in her success and deserves a special mention for his dedication. Congratulations to both of them on this amazing achievement!

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