Canada is golden in women’s hockey at the FISU Games.


Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team won gold at the 2023 FISU Games, which was Canada’s first medal in the event since 2013. Canada outscored their opponents 15-3 over the course of four games and won by a decisive 5-0 margin in the final game.

Canada’s players expressed incredible excitement and pride in their achievement, with Canada’s captain stating “It means so much to represent Canada and be able to bring home gold on behalf of our country.”

Canada’s success at the FISU Games is a remarkable accomplishment for Canada’s women hockey players, and will hopefully serve as an inspiration for future generations of Canada’s female athletes. Congrats to Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team!

Canada will remain the reigning champions of women’s hockey at the FISU Games. Canada looks to defend their gold medal against teams from all over the world. Canada’s dominance in women’s hockey at the FISU Games is a testament to Canada’s high calibre of hockey talent and skill on the ice.

Canada’s team members are dedicated to the sport, and their commitment has paid off this year in an incredible victory. Canada’s success is sure to carry over and continue as they look forward to defending their gold medal at the 2023 FISU Games.

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