Jelena Dokic talked about body shaming she faced with at the Australian Open.


The Australian Open 2023 ambassador and Australian tennis icon, recently tweeted that she has been subject to body shaming due to her appearance in her presentation role at the Australian Open.

The tweets have sparked a wave of support from fans, athletes and media personalities who have shared their own experiences of body shaming or voiced their support for Jelena Dokic. Australian Open 2023 released a statement of support for Jelena, saying they stand with her against body shaming: “We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and accepted in our sport. Everyone has the right to be respected and free from bullying or discrimination.”

Jelena Dokic is an Australian tennis legend and Australian Open 2023 is proud to have her as one of their ambassadors. They are grateful for her courage in speaking out against body shaming and will continue to support Jelena and others who face similar experiences. Australian Open 2023 encourages everyone to take a stand against body shaming and bullying by celebrating diversity, acceptance, and respect.

Australian tennis great Jelena Dokic was one of the victims, taking to Twitter earlier this week to call out Australian Open fans for their comments about her weight. She wrote: “I’ve been playing in Australian Opens since 1998 and what I hear today walking through Melbourne Park is totally unacceptable and disrespectful.”

At the Australian Open, Dokic has been a consistently strong presence on the court for over two decades. This year, she was again one of the stand-out players in the tournament, and her response to the body shaming comments serves as an important reminder that everyone deserves respect.

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