The commentator said some rude words at Jelena Ostapenko’s game against Kateryna Baindi.


The commentator, unfortunately, made some unprofessional remarks which were directed at Ostapenko and her playing style. The incident has been met with widespread criticism from tennis fans around the world.

Unfortunately, the commentator chose to use words that are considered rude and inappropriate. This resulted in a heated exchange between Ostapenko and the Australian Open TV commentators. Following this incident, Jelena had this to say: “I think it was really disrespectful for the Australian Open to have someone commentating on my match who used such language. It’s not acceptable at all and I hope something like this will never happen again."

She went on to express her disappointment that such an incident was allowed to take place during one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. It is clear that Jelena Ostapenko did not deserve such rude and inappropriate words during one of the biggest professional events in sports.

Hopefully, fans and players alike will take this incident as a lesson to be more mindful of their language, especially at such important events. It is important for everyone involved in the Australian Open to treat each other with respect so that future competitions like the 2023 Australian Open can be enjoyed by all.

It is also vital for commentators to use more appropriate language when commenting on professional tennis games. This kind of incident should never happen again and Jelena Ostapenko deserves an apology from the commentator for their unprofessional behavior.

The Australian Open is a great opportunity to watch some of the best players in the world compete and it is important that all involved maintain a level of professionalism. Jelena Ostapenko and all other players should be treated with respect and dignity in order for the Australian Open’s 2023 event to be a successful one.

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