Why does Victoria Azarenka wear a PSG shirt at Australian Open?


During the match, the two-time Australian Open champion wore a PSG shirt – leading many to question why she opted for the French team’s kit.

Azarenka is an ambassador for Paris Saint-Germain and was spotted in their training gear during her Australian Open campaign. It is currently unclear why she chose to show her support for the French club by wearing the PSG shirt during the Australian Open match, but she may simply have been displaying her appreciation for their clothing technology and design.

In any case, Victoria Azarenka’s Australian Open performance with a PSG shirt was admirable and it is likely that this won’t be the last time she wears the French club’s shirt at a major tournament. With Azarenka continuing her Australian Open campaign, it will be interesting to see if she wears any more PSG shirts as she seeks to add a third Australian Open title to her growing collection.

Regardless of why Victoria Azarenka has decided to show her support for PSG at the Australian Open, her impressive performance while wearing the shirt has served to highlight the quality of PSG’s kit and their increasing reputation as a global force in football. It will be intriguing to see if any more professional tennis players decide to wear PSG shirts in tournament matches or whether Azarenka’s decision remains an isolated incident.

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